Why Choose Our Services

Game Translation

With the development of technology, it has become more important to make everything for whole of the world. In the globalizing world, there is no border between the countries, and internet makes everything faster and faster. Game translation is also most important translation field.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is the most important translation field. As it is related to people’s life, it does not accept any fault. Therefore, medical translators must be not only translators, but also doctors.

Patent Translation

We are here to contribute your globalization process. Patent issue is very important for business sector. Therefore, patent translation also becomes important.

Economy & Finance Translation

Your financial and economy related texts, documents, and researches such as receipts, abstract of account, commercial correspondences, commercial documents, pass book, bank statement, bank reports, economical data, financial articles, financial table, and reports, insurance policies, technical specifications and financial instruments and guidelines are translated in accordance with the terminology of the related area.

Web Site Translation

We offer a website translation service addressed directly to your clients with the understanding of “Web site is the company’s first door opening to its clients”. Similar web sites, demands of clients and the content of the site in the market are analyzed by our expert staff and after that they are translated by our professional translators for the purpose of ensuring the comprehensibility of your web site as in the same and intended way as the receiver of the target language demands to be.

Legal Translation

Legal translation contains power of attorney, authorised signature lists, court judgements, criminal records, title deed, contracts, registry records and other official documents. By the fact that Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Persian and France words are used greatly in legal documents, this kind of translations require specialization in different fields.

Technical Translation

Technical translation services containing user manuals, system properties, scientific articles, medical articles and researches, medical documents, software, technical specifications and many other fields are provided by our translators specialized in their technical fields.

Audio & Video Translation

G Translation Services provide professional decoding services and audio & video translation.We can add subtitle to your videos, decode your videos and provide voiceover services.

Sworn Translation

We provide high quality Notary Certified Translation Services.It is the translation service required for the purpose of providing the availability of official documents that you need in all official proceedings in all corporations.